Short biography of Clara Peeters

Clara Peeters, an important Flemish painter, was born in Antwerp in 1594 . It was she who introduced the Dutch type of "Breakfast Piece" to Antwerp at a very early date, and along with several women pioneered the development of still-life painting in the early seventeenth century.

Little is known of her life but for the record of her baptism in 1594 and her marriage in 1639 in Antwerp. As some of her work bears the influence of contemporary work in Haarlem, it is thought that she may have lived and studied in Holland.

She has been credited for the development of still life works with flowers and food, depicting sumptuous banquets and feasts, and of which there is little known before her first recorded work of 1608. She must have been precocious, as she signed and dated several paintings from 1608 to 1611 and 1612. She visited Amsterdam in 1612 and perhaps Haarlem around 1612-17. She is said to have dated a painting (now lost) 1657, and this is the last record of her before her death in Antwerp in 1659.