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The Holy Family of the Little Bird
(La Sagrada Familia del Pajarito)
Painted: 1650.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 56.6″ X 74.0″

Influenced by the styles of Zurbaran and Rivera, this piece represents a domestic scene treated with sweetness, which gives the painting a mix of a precise theme with triviality. The composition of opposing figures is an inheritance of Italian schooling, with a diffused technique yet meticulous in form.

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The Good Shepherd
(El Buen Pastor)
Painted: 1660.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 64.56″ X 43.30″

Murillo dominated the anatomy and expression of young children, creating many works with infant themes.
In this case the peace and serenity that expresses the child with the lamb allowing itself to be caressed, tries to show the pleasure and peace a believer should experience in his faith.

The Boys of the Shell
(Los Niños de la Concha)
Painted: 1670.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 40.9″ X 48.8″

This painting represents Jesus giving a drink to St. John under the heavens populated by the little angels.
Again obvious Italian influence, reflects with mastery children with adult gestures without resulting extravagant.

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Virgin with a Rosary
(La Virgen del Rosario)
Painted: 1950 / 55 .
ORIGINAL SIZE: 64.56″ by 43.30″

All of Murillo’s characteristics are found in this one piece, the vapourous atmosphere, the domination of the childish figure and expression, the detail, the idyllic feminine figure.
Transmission of tranquility, interior peace, Murillo was an expert of the time in expressing devotion in his paintings, he uses the light and dark not only as a technique but also a way to communicate to the onlooker´s soul.

The Immaculate Conception of Soult
(La Immaculada de Soult)
Painted: 1678.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 87.40″x 46.45″

One of Murillo´s later works, being one of the most solid and achieved of this master.
The majestic plastic feel is accentuated by the atmospheric density that surrounds the figures.

Curiousity: This painting was confiscated in 1813, by Napoleon´s general “Soult”, later returned to the Prado Museum in 1940, hence the name.

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The Immaculate from El Escorial
(La Inmaculada de El Escorial)
Painted: .
ORIGINAL SIZE: 37.79″ by 25.19″

Of a smaller size than all the rest of his Virgin Mary´s, represents a glorious Immaculate, triumphant.

Exaggerated with the great luminosity that surrounds her entire figure. The types of beautiful models that Murillo used in all his virgins, only promoted and accentuated their popularity and fame.

Immaculate of Crescent Moon
(La Inmaculada de la Media Luna)
Painted: .
ORIGINAL SIZE: 81.10″ by 56.69″

A Immaculate different from the others in attitude not in composition, this being similar to the rest.

The Virgin has a white countenance, far away eyes seem to give an impression of sadness for her lost son. The angels that surround her have all a serious look in their eyes, none are smiling. The vaporous style that gave so much fame to this artist is evident in this piece.

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More Murillo´s pictures: “A little history of Art”
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