1541 – 1614

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The Christ with the Cross
(Cristo con la Cruz)
Painted 1590 / 95.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 41.3″ X 31.1″

El Greco painted several works about this theme, maybe this painting is the most successful one. It obviously reflects the influence of religious iconography at that time.

Curiosity: The fingers’ position on the cross is the same forced one as in ‘The Knight with a Hand on his Chest’.

El Greco
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El Greco
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The Knight with a Hand on His Chest
(El Caballero de la Mano en el Pecho)
Painted: 1578 / 80.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 31.8″ X 25.9″

El Greco painted this portrait in his early Spanish years. Also called ‘The Knight’s Oath’, because of the character’s position, both his right hand fingers and his left arm behind his back.

Curiosity: Speculations were made about whether the man was one-handed, as it was impossible to see his left arm, but the reason is bad preservation of the picture which has erased this part of the painting.

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
(El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz)
Painted 1586 / 88 .
ORIGINAL SIZE: 141.7″ X 181.10″

This painting depicts the burial of Don Gonzalo Ruiz (Count of Orgaz). The body of the deceased is being introduced into his sepulchre by the saints Agustin and Steven, encircled by real people of the time, where we can find a self portrait of El Greco.

This painting is not found in the Museum of El Prado, it is located in the church of Saint Tome in Toledo, Spain. However in the Museum hangs a copy painted by JORGE MANUEL (the son of El Greco), therefore the inclusion in our collection.

El Greco
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El Greco
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The Adoration of the Shepherds
(La Adoración de los Pastores)
Painted: 1612 / 14.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 125.9″ X 70.8″

Provides an excellent example of the artist’s late style, the whole painting is used to show up the Christ-child. Both color and spatial position of the elements force the viewer to direct his look to the main character of the painting.

Curiosity: Take notice that even the ox is looking towards the child.

The Holy Family
(La Sagrada Familia)
Painted 1590 / 1600 .
ORIGINAL SIZE: 42.12″ x 27.16″

This piece represents the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and Jesus Christ, with Saint Ann, and Saint John the Baptist as a child. As you can see, the composition is very similar to that of the Virgin of the Good Milk. The artist made use of old sketches, added a few figures and completed the composition. He produced many pieces in this manner.

El Greco
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The Virgin of the Good Milk
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The Virgin of the Good Milk
(La Virgen de la Buena Leche)
Painted: 1595.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 50″ x 41.74″

The ” Prado ” has one of the several examples that the painter El Greco produced on this theme. The structure as well as the situation of the figures, is one that El Greco repeated many times.

That which should be appreciated is the background, which makes the central figure and action stand out.

Curiousity: observe the position of the Virgin´s fingers.

The Crucifixion
(La Crucifixión)
Painted 1695 / 1600.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 122.8″ X 66.5″

The crucified Christ is in the company of the Virgin, Mary Magdalene and St. John the Baptist. The exaggerated spiritual atmosphere that El Greco creates in this painting is remarkable. The elongated bodies and the careful composition of different but simultaneous actions proves El Greco´s unquestionable imagination.

El Greco
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