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Painted: 1507.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 82.2″x31.8″

This diptych, which comprises Adam on the left and Eve on the right, was painted by Dürer on his return to Nuremburg after his second trip to Italy. The composition of both subjects is similar. He has Adam standing motionless, holding a branch of the tree of the forbidden fruit in his left hand. It is interesting to note the impressive distribution of light and shade in his face, the angle of his head and the detail of his hair.

Adam and Eve were donated to the Spanish Crown by Christine of Sweden during the reign of Philip IV.

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Painted: 1507.
ORIGINAL SIZE: 82.2″x31.4″

In the composition of Eve although similar to that of Adam, the figure of her is more dynamic, owing to the forward position of her right leg as the snake offers her the forbidden fruit.

On the sign which hangs on the branch of the tree, you can read “Albert Dürer, German, painted this after the childbirth of the Virgin in the year of our Lord 1507”

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