• Biography:
         Georges Braque began working with is father as a decorator. Ca. 1900 he travelled to Paris. There he had the chance to learn Vanguardism of his age. He knew Fauvism, Matisse's art and met Derain. Indeed Cézanne became an important discovering for him. Nevertheless, it would be a meeting with Picasso what would take him to give his production a new shift. Both will undertake the adventure of Cubism.

         Braque is an artist who performs well a pure cubist style, as Picasso and Juan Gris did.

  • Works by Braque:
  • Musical Instruments1908, oil on canvas, 50 x 61 cm, Private Collection
  • Houses in L´Estaque, 1908, oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm, Kunstmuseum Bern.
  • The Big Nude, 1908, oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm, Alex Maguy Collection, Paris.
  • Still Life with Cards, 1913, Gouache and charcoal on canvas; Musée National d´Art Moderne.


    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Licentiate in Art History

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