Cover by Ricardo Baroja
for a work by Valle-Inclán

   The 20th century was, in reality, an evolution of the earlier assumptions.
   Liberty and originality overflowed to become the irrational. The avant-gardes of the beginning of the century started the dilemma between humanized poetry – personal, sentimental and of emotions – and pure poetry – of ingenuity, the artificial and the game. However, the poet seems to have been able to easily transgress the borders between both, and use the most appropriate in each case.
   The Spanish Civil War created a break which covered almost half the century. From then, the lyric followed uncertain paths between humanization and dehumanization. Although the first trend seems to have predominated, there was no real competition between them, neither could one do without the other.


Carlos Edmundo
de Ory´s Anthology

D.Miguel Pérez Rosado.
Ph. D. in Hispanic Philology.