• Biography:
         Solimena was the most outstanding painter in Napolitan school from the first half or 18th century. He did a prolific carrer painting on numerous walls of Napolitan churchs. He received many jobs from different places in Europe, since he was one of the most well known artist in his time. He created an important pictorical school continued by many painters. We know that Fragonard learnt very much from his work in S.Paolo Maggiore. He even copied several compositions by him.

         His really vigorous style is in debt with Baroque, the art he once learnt. Many of his features are due to painters as Luca Giordano, Lanfranco and Preti. Classical elegance and exquisiteness with wich his figures are treated makes us remember Anibal Carracci and Rafael. Solimena was the master of Corrado Giaquinto, who worked in Royal Palace of Madrid during his stay in Sapin between 1753-1762 years. In 1762 also Tiepolo lived in Spain.

    F. Solimena: Expulsión de Heliodoro del templo. F. Solimena, Expulsion of Heliodorus from the temple, fresco, Church of Gesú Nuovo, Naples.
    F. Solimena: The Trinity, The Madonna and St Dominic. F. Solimena, The Trinity, The Madonna and St Dominic, fresco, S.Domenico Maggiore, Naples.
    The Martyrdom of Sts Placidus and Flavia F. Solimena, The Martyrdom of Sts Placidus and Flavia, 1697-1708, Oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Bachelor of Art History

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