• Biography:
         Reynolds is one of the most famous portraiters of the English Rococo. He was the founder of a society of painters which became in 1768 the Royal Academy, this is where he was given the title of sir. He travelled to Italy and was entusiasmó the art that he found there, Miguel Ángel impresed him very much.

         Portraits by Reynolds are touched with a tender melancholy. Characters are often women and children who express an incredible sweetness. Reynolds used to represent his figures with a mythological or ideal air. That is why he is different from Gainsboroughwho painted them in a more realistic style..

    J. Reynolds: Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, 1784. J. Reynolds, Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, 1784, galería Huntington, San Marino, California.
    J. Reynolds: Master Hare. J. Reynolds, Master Hare, 1788-1789, oil on canvas, 0´77 x 0´63 cm, Louvre Museum, Paris.
    Lady Cockburn y sus tres hijos mayores J. Reynolds, Lady Cockburn and her three eldest sons, 1773, Oil on canvas, 141.5 x 113 cm, National Gallery, London.
    Coronel George K. H. Coussmaker J. Reynolds, Coronel George K. H. Coussmaker, 1782, Oil on canvas, 238 x 145 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
    Lady Elizabeth Delmé and her Children J. Reynolds, Lady Elizabeth Delmé and her Children, 1777-80, Oil on canvas, 239 x 147 cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington.
    General Sir Banastre Tarleton J. Reynolds, General Sir Banastre Tarleton, 1782, Oil on canvas, 236 x 145 cm, National Gallery, London.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Bachelor of Art History

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