• Biography:
         Both cultivate a type of painting in opposition to the gallant. The painting done is known by the name of painting burguesa. It is a painting that is popular in the middle of the XVIII century coinciding with the Ilustratión and is directed to burguesía intelectual of the revolution. It often is propiciada by illustrates such as Rousseau and Diderot. In this painting burguesa se ensalza la simple life, family values and the moral of the middle class. The favourite subjects are portraits, landscapes, bodegones and escenas costumbristas de género.

    J. Chardin: The Ray, 1728. J. Chardin, The Ray, 1728, Louvre Museum, Paris.
    Greuze: The Village Betrothal, 1761. Greuze, The Village Betrothal, 1761.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Bachelor of Art History

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