Domenichino: A Triumphal Arch of Allegories, 1607-1610.
Domenichino, A Triumphal Arch of Allegories,
1607-1610, oil on canvas,
70 x 60 cm, Prado Museum, Madrid.

  • A Classic par excellence:
         Domenichino is one of the maximum exponents of Classicism among Bolognese school. He studied in the Accademia degli Incamminati, as Guido Reni, and was one of the favorite students of Annibale Carracci.
         His expression vehicle is line and design. In this way, he is the "opponent" of Lanfranco, the colour lover. Domenichino studied Raphael´s art. This contributed to increase classicism in Domenichino´s picture.
         He worked with Annibale Carracci in Palazzo Farnese. Not only he was a great painter of frescos, but also of marvellous landscapes similar to Poussin´s ones.
  • Domenichino´s pictures:
    Domenichino: The Maiden and the Unicorn, c.1602. Domenichino, The Maiden and the Unicorn, c. 1602, fresco, Palazzo Farnese, Rome.
    Domenichino: The Sacrifice of Isaac. Domenichino, The Sacrifice of Isaac, oil on canvas, Prado Museum, Madrid.
    Domenichino: St. Cecilia, 1616-1617. Domenichino, St. Cecilia, c. 1616-1617, oil on canvas, Louvre, Paris.

    Written by:
    Beatriz Aragonés Escobar.
    Licentiate in Art History.

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