Last folio of the Poem of the Cid
Last folio of the
Poem of the Cid
Thus ends the manuscript of the Poem of My Cid:
   En este logar se acaba esta Razon
   Quien escriuio este libro del dios parayso amen
   Per abbat le escriuio en el mes de mayo
   En era de mill e C C     e XLV años

   In this place this Story ends
   To who wrote this book give God paradise amen
   Per abbot wrote it in May
   In the age of 1207

   A great deal has been written about the date and composition of the Poem of the Cid. A few things are now clear today:
   -There doesn´t exist a ´C´ between "CC" and "e XLV"; therefore the date referred to in the manuscript is the year 1245 of the Spanish Era, that is to say, our year 1207.
   -The up-to-date manuscript of the 14th century, therefore, maintains the date of the original which was copied: 1207. Although Menéndez Pidal proposed a possible original composition of 1140, the only sure date we have is that of the manuscript, Spanish Era 1245 - that is to say, the year 1207-.
   -Pere Abad appears, in principle, to be a copyist. We shall ignore the conditions and intervention of the present-day editing of the poem. We believe that he was a man of letters rather than an illiterate minstrel, but we cannot know to which degree he edited the Poem of the Cid when he copied it, as we know it today.