Tower of the Scipiones, at Tarragona (Tarraco).
Planta y alzado de la Torre de los Escipiones
Plan and elevation of the Tower of the Scipiones

The most outstanding on the Peninsula Roman funerary building is placed at Augustus Way course close to Tarraco -capital for citerior Hispania-. It communicated Gades and Rome.
It probably owned to an important family from the city, but not to Scipiones one, a mistake that gave it this name. At a second level there are many sculptures that were identified as these famous brothers, but they really represent divinities -probably God Attis-. Different carved inscriptions -probably an epitaph- on building are preserved in a bad state, so they cannot be read: only name "Cornelius" has been identified.
It was built at 1st century.
Its facture is made of rectangular well fit ashlars.
Its elevation shows three rectangular sections with a shape of decreasing towers. Lower one, as a podium, had an almost square plan being 4,40 x 4,70m. Second "floor" in this tower has a plan lesser than the prior one. On its main façade there are sculptures already named. Lastly, at third floor of the elevation, there is a bad preserved inscription. The whole was probably covered by a pyramidal structure.
Inner part of second section keeps a funerary chamber for niche and household furnishing of the dead.
Torre de los Escipiones

Tower of the Scipiones: a detail of sculptures
and a general view
Torre de los Escipiones