Temple of Claudius Marcellus, at Cordoba (Corduba).
Planta de Templo hexastilo y pseudoperiptero
Elevation and plan of an
hexastyle and pseudoperipterian Temple.
(Similar to Claudius Marcellus one)

It is a temple of great dimensions, though Roman Corduba could have had bigger temples, if we do consider preserved remainings: columns, bases, capitals... It probably presided Patrician colony: since it had an Eastern position in the front of a Circus and an external altar 5 m. high.
A resistance wall with buttress was built to adjust the square at the right level to save the slope of the ground.
Temple was built on a big podium -3,5 m. high- with ashlars of lime-sand on a paved basement "opus caemencium". Superior basement is pavimented with violet limestone. Ionic columns of white marble stand over it.
Difference of highness between podium and square was saved constructing two terraces that communicated them with the comitium.
Its architecture was the one of an hexastyle temple -six columns at the portico in antis- and pseudoperipter: ten columns at each side, seven of them atached to the Cella's wall. Posterior fašade had no columns.
Vista aerea de las 11 columnas
Aerial view of the 11 columns
Today the whole is rebuilt, since several dependences of the Town Council were constructed over a part of its basements. Eleven columns can be seen: some of them keep their original capitals, basement and a part of its podium and buttress.
The temple was begun at Claudius Emperor age (41-54 A.D.) and was ended under Domitian governement (81-96), devoted to mythological gods and Imperial worship.
Vista general
General view
Restos de capiteles
Remainings of capitals
La columnata
Series of columns