Sanctuary of Cancho Roano, in Zalamea de la Serena, Badajoz.
It is placed in the municipal land of Zalamea de la Serena, nowadays in the province of Badajoz. It was built at 6th century b.C. and left at 4th century b.C.
Doubtless, it is a very important deposit, not only because of its antiquity, but also for being the only one with these features in Spain. (It is common in Siria.)
Its discovering was casual. Its owner tried to eliminate a small hill called "la Turruca" in order to make a cultivated land. As he began his works, the first remainings of what would be the present deposit did appear.
Planta de Cancho Roano
Plan of Cancho Roano

It did suffer different modifications: on the first building a second one was elevated. It only remains parts of adobe altars from it. Lately, at 5th century b.C. a third one was built: it remains today. They are all positioned to the eastern side.
It was elevated on a solid stone basis on wich adobe walls stand. It is believed that exterior part was decorated with red clay and the inner one with lime. Also blue marble was used for some areas of the ground, specially for the entry.
Sección del yacimiento
Section of the deposit (Press to enlarge).
Sanctuary's plan is almost square. It is 21 m. wide x 20 long. It is surrounded by a big limestone terrace.
Entry to the main nave is made through a square patio with a well. At its right inner angle a staircase for access to the distribution nave is open. The sacred area of the building -the adython- is at its center. There, a big rectangular pillar was used as an altar. At both sides there are divided areas: at the right hand, dining room and loom-room; at the left one, stores.
The whole building is surrounded by rooms and a perimetral corridor. Offerings were served in these rooms.
Indeed, the whole is "protected" by a pit made on the rock. Through its entry remainings of a wall ended by two poligonal towers can be seen at both sides of the entry.
Santuario de Cancho Roano
Patio and access staircase.
Santuario de Cancho Roano
Distribution wall, part of the sanctuary and rooms for storage.
Santuario de Cancho Roano
View of the deposit with its protecting cover
Santuario de Cancho Roano
Aerial view of the deposit