Dolmen from Viera, Antequera, Malaga.
This is a good instance for a Burial-Dolmen of corridor with a big size, covered by a clay tumulus.
Dolmen de Viera, Planos

It was built 4.500 years ago, though it is not easy to set its date, since it was -as many more- spoilt before its scientific discovering. There are no clear features to establish a more concrete date.
It has been preserved in satisfactory conditions. It keeps four of its covering stones.
Its corridor is composed by lateral stones -eight orthostates at its right hand and seven at its left one- ending by a stone worked with a vain that was used as a door. It is 1,20 m. wide; 1,85 m. high and 20 m. long. Width of stones variates from 20 to 50 cms.
Burial chamber is cubic, with a square plan, composed by big flat stones fit into each other. It is 1,80 m. long x 2,10 m. high.
Dolmen de Viera
Entry and tumulus of Dolmen de Viera.
(before restoring)
Dolmen de Viera
Dolmen from Viera: corridor
Dolmen de Viera
Dolmen from Viera: entry to the tomb

It has been restored mending damages in structure and fractures at upper stones. A system for drainage has been constructed in order to eliminate water from rain. Access to tumulus was rebuilt.