Dolmen from Menga, Antequera, Malaga.
This megalithic dolmen belongs to the "gallery type". It is placed in the great whole of burials of Antequera, -Malaga- and, as many others, is covered by a big tumulus.
Dolmen de Menga

As dolmens of this kind, it has no separation in rooms: that is, its chamber and its corridor belongs to the same unity. It can be mentioned that a little trace of division can be seen at the beginning of the gallery (only three stones), that communicates to a wider area of seven orthostates. It is closed by a bigger one.
Dolmen de Menga
Inner part with three supporting pillars.
Dolmen de Menga
Entry to Dolmen from Menga

At the center of this gallery there are three pillars with a a square plan that do its function of supporting four on five big coverings -stones at the cover-, since they were put at the center of the joints between them.
Date for this dolmen is circa 2.500 to 2.200 b.C.