Dolmen from Matarrubilla, Valencina de la Concepcion, Seville.
Funerary dolmen of corridor. It is composed by a corridor of ca. 29 m. long and a chamber of 2,72 m. diameter.
Dolmen de Matarrubilla

The corridor is covered with masonry. It alternates layers of stone with earth. Its cover is made of limestone and is ca. 1,30 m. wide and 2 m. high.
Burial chamber is circular: 2,72 m. diameter and 2 m. high. It is closed by a granite stone at the end of a false dome built with sandstone. It contains a sink made of black stone -marble- with a quadrangular shape like an altar or table for tributes.
As a curiosity, many jambs made of limestone can be seen at the entry.
Dolmen de Matarrubilla
The so-called "Black Stone"
Dolmen de Matarrubilla