Dolmen from La Pastora, Valencina de la Concepcion, Seville.
Funerary building in the way of a Burial-Dolmen of corridor. It is composed by a corridor with a hall at one end and a circular chamber.
The corridor is 40 m. long and 0,60 m. wide. It is from 1,50 to 1,90 m. high. It is excavated on the land and covered by flat stones. Up to three inner doors can be found with jambs and lintel. They are all built with masonry.
The chamber is 2,5 m. diameter x 2,6 m. high. The small hall is 1.00 m. long.
Over the whole structure there is a tumulus of stone and earth.
Dolmen de La Pastora
A door with a lintel.
Dolmen de La Pastora